Esperanza Aguirre, Amazon Prime Video bombshell: will be the star contestant of 'Celebrity Bake off'

The casting of 'Celebrity Bake off' promises to be one of the most powerful in recent years. Amazon Prime Video has signed Hope Aguirre, who will be the star contestant in this version of the culinary talent, as YOTELE has learned.

This signing is made public after it was known that Paula Vázquez had been chosen by Prime Video to present this 'Celebrity Bake Off', the culinary talent looking for the best pastry chef in Spain, as he has known in exclusive YOTELE.

This portal could also know in exclusive what Paula Vazquez you will not be alone in the dessert making contest and will be accompanied by Brays Efe. After his enormous success as the protagonist of 'Paquita Salas', the actor is now making his big leap as a host of entertainment formats.

The Galician and the Canary they will take the witness of Jesús Vázquez, which was in charge of conducting the edition with anonymous participants that was broadcast in Four of this successful BBC format, which will once again be produced by Boxfish tv (with Edi Walter and Mariano Tomiozzo as executive producers).


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