March 8, 2021

Esper accuses China of "military aggressions and predatory economy" in Asia

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper accused China today of practicing a strategy of "military aggression and predatory economy" that destabilizes the Asia-Pacific region during an official visit to Japan.

The Pentagon chief said so during the start of his meeting in Tokyo with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, with whom he discussed the escalation of tensions between Beijing and Washington, the US-Japan bilateral alliance or the latest arms tests of Pionyang .

"China continues to destabilize the region. Its military aggressions and its calculated strategy of predatory economy violates the international order based on the law that we try to maintain," according to Esper statements collected by the Japanese agency Kyodo.

The secretary of defense reloaded against China after the United States decided at the beginning of the week to designate the Asian giant as a "currency manipulator", which extends to the monetary field the commercial conflict between the first two world powers and seems to remove the possibility of an agreement.

Esper also expressed his "concern" about the latest missile launches in North Korea, and said that Washington "remains committed to the complete, irreversible and verifiable denuclearization" of the regime.

The visit of the Pentagon chief to Japan and South Korea, where he will travel this Friday, comes after Pionyang made four projectile launches in less than two weeks, rehearsals that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un called " warning "to allied countries.

Esper also plans to meet with his Japanese counterpart, Takeshi Iwaya, today to discuss the bilateral security alliance and that both countries have with South Korea, at a time when relations between Seoul and Tokyo have deteriorated to their worst. level of the last decades following a historical dispute.

The holders of the Washington and Tokyo Defense are expected to examine the possibility of Japan joining the US initiative to form a naval alliance aimed at escorting oil tankers in the Persian Gulf, in the current context of tensions with Iran.

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