May 16, 2021

Espanyol – Real Madrid: Solari: "We have been working very well for a long time" | sports

Espanyol - Real Madrid: Solari: "We have been working very well for a long time" | sports

Madrid have awakened in LaLiga. He already defends the third position after passing two demanding tests against Sevilla and Betis and after desperate to Espanyol at home. In the last three days, the white box has added three wins with a balance of eight goals in favor and four against. Once the goal-scoring effort has been recovered, the team of Santiago Solari has a pending account. Of the first four LaLiga teams, Real Madrid is the one that has conceded the most goals. A fact that the Argentine coach minimized. "Espanyol scored in the first arrival he had. In the first time he created a single opportunity. It is good that they have reached us once, "said the Chamartín team coach.

"We put a lot of intensity and rhythm to the game," analyzed Solari. And Lucas Vazquez emphasized: "That intensity is fundamental." "The team is playing at a high level and we have to continue like this because the coming weeks are very demanding," said Emilio Butragueño, director of institutional relations. "We made a very good first half and in the second part it was on the same path. The match changed with the expulsion of Rafa [Varane]", Analyzed the Argentine coach. A red card that left no minutes for Isco, who was waiting for his moment, while he was heating up. "Every player who does not play is always hurt," said Solari. Luis Enrique, coach of the Spanish national team, was also consulted about the situation inside Madrid and how the lack of minutes can affect an international call. "To this day, I do not know if I'll summon him. Each case will be treated individually, there are still two months left for the list. I would prefer that he play more minutes, like other players who do not play as much, but football is like that, "said the Red's coach.

Without Isco in the eleven, Vinicius takes over the left wing of the Solari team. "All players are key, from the first to the last. What we want is for everyone to be well and in good condition. That is the only way to win and be competitive. This goes for Vinicius, as for Nacho or as for any player, "said the Madrid coach. Yes, he entered the Bale camp, which reappeared after 21 days in the infirmary and marked only after two minutes since his return. "Gareth has a goal, he is strong. The physical form has it because it works and we hope that it takes the competitive form ", praised Solari to the extreme Welshman, whose future facing the next season is again in the air.

Bale reappears, also Madrid. "We have been working very well for a long time, not only in these last three days. It is true that we won and scored, but before we had been doing a good job ", concluded the Real Madrid coach.

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