Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

Espanyol opens the capital increase for minority shareholders

In the last General Meeting of Shareholders of Spanish the capital increase of 50 million euros was approved based on a capitalization of the debt with Rastar Group, owned by the blue and white president, Chen Yansheng. It was also agreed that a minor capital increase would be made, aimed exclusively at the club’s shareholders.

This extension will be € 375,000, with an issue of a total of 62,500 new shares worth € 6.00 each. These new issued shares may only be acquired by those that were already shareholders, will not be opened to new ones. Since the administration has opened the period of one month, from the notification they will receive through regular mail and the shareholders should contact, via different means, with the club.

Likewise, in the statement, Espanyol explains that shareholders who only have one share must also notify the club of their desire to acquire more. But, not exceeding the nominal value (one share equals 0.6438), they must wait for the second round, after finalizing the preferred subscription of 15 days maximum.

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