Tue. Feb 18th, 2020

Espanyol makes official the arrival of Corchia and Calleri is falling

With the League already started and with the mind set to finish off the task to be in the group stage of Europa League, the Spanish he also wants to finish profiling the template of David Gallego and that is why this Wednesday has made official the arrival since Seville of Satastien Corchia. The French side will be given for a year with a purchase option (it is still unknown how much it will be) and will accompany Javi Lopez on the right side of the parakeet defense. It will be presented this Friday at 12.00 in the Juan Segura Palomares auditorium of RCDE Stadium.

Corchia was already assigned last season in the Benfica, where he did not dispute minutes in part due to injuries, as happened in the Spanish team, which landed in 2017 from the Lille. The right-hander of 28 years left very good feelings in Ligue 1 but the conversion of Javi Navas as a side and his physical problems have not let him stand out in Spain. Now he has a European opportunity again in First division and its function will be to provide experience and solidity to a position that has been debated for years and through which the youthful and talented squad arrives from below Victor Gomez.

Argentine striker Calleri will be the seventh reinforcement of Espanyol

Another position that needs to strengthen Espanyol before the market closes and after the exit of Borja Iglesias is the front, where as a natural tip only has the Chuky Ferreyra. Without being closed yet and therefore with possibility – earthquake – to break, negotiations for Jonathan Calleri They are very advanced and their signing will be announced in the coming days, although other names are still polled in case the main option fails.

Calleri played last season in the Alaves and scored nine goals. The previous one did it in the UD Las Palmas and scored the same many. On both occasions he arrived on loan from the Maldonado Sports Club and was undisputed holder both in the north and in the islands. Espanyol could use the same formula to reinforce its front.

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