Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Espanyol exhausts its options to enter Europe

El Espanyol agota sus opciones para entrar en Europa

One of the things that until now was repeated as a mantra to discredit Ruby was that he had fewer points than those achieved by Quique Sánchez Flores with the same games last season. With victory in Montilivi no longer. The Spanish sum 38 points in 31 days, 2 more than a year ago.

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There are not enough points to get to Europe nor to ensure permanence, at the moment. In fact, the difference with last season is that Espanyol drew thirteen points Sports, which marked the descent. The points that separated those who descended and those who were saved were much greater than this year, because although Rubi's were enough to win against the Alavés next Saturday to reach the 41 points, which are those that mark the virtual permanence, to date only eight points separate the eighteenth ranked and blue and white set.

Against Alavés it will be defined how the last days will be lived

With the calendar in hand, of the last seven games, Espanyol will only play two with less-ranked opponents today: against the I raised within two days and against the Celtic, in three. Both are clinging to salvation. On the other hand, Atlético de Madrid, against those who will play in the penultimate day, is the only one in European positions. The Real society and the Leganés they are two points above Rubi. While at Betis they separated him three points from the sixth place and Alavés one.

The next day can define how they will live the final stretch of the season the parrots, because as much as the Espanyol players say they do not look down, they would have reached a safe zone. A mattress of points that would allow to go forward without the ghost of the descent behind. Rubi has repeated it on more than one occasion: there is always a team that ends the season like lightning, adding up the number of points. When David Gallego He took the team last season with five games remaining and won four and tied one, for example.

Winning next Saturday secures the 41 points and look up

Defeating the Alavés would be for the two objectives: the realist and the illusionante that was preached -and in which it was believed- in September. The Alavés today would play the Europa League if he Valencia I managed to finish the League in European positions as it is a finalist of the Copa del Rey and that would open a place to the seventh classified.

With a victory next Saturday the seventh place would be four points, or at most five, if the Athletic Club or the Betis win. And it could mean the beginning of Rubi's predictions when he talks about the "team that finishes the season adding many points", which would be worth to make sense of a season that will fall on the same scourge as the last years: boredom and boredom.

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