Fri. Feb 22nd, 2019

Espanyol - Barcelona: Pragmatism vs Empiricism | sports

Espanyol - Barcelona: Pragmatism vs Empiricism | sports

Sometimes I like to compare our vision about coaches with the reading that is done by art connoisseurs: we draw more conclusions about them than what they really wanted to express. Normally, we attribute more merits to them than, in Valverde's words, "trying to bother as little as possible". However, it is the key position within a template. There are thousands of decisions that change the dynamics of a group: tactics, management, vital energy, communication ... I had the honor of learning from the best and among them, without a doubt, are Valverde and Rubi. Two simple people, passionate, analytical, so equal but, at the same time, so different.

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Ernesto It is an ideal manager who has a sixth sense, even at the energy level, to know what happens in each moment. He is aware that the games are not won on the board, that talent or game can not be enclosed, and he attributes the key to "dominating the game" to the player's decision-making. Even knowing what was happening, he used to tell me "I can not say what you have to do, you have to choose well because if you do not do it, the one sitting there will play." Generate contexts to exploit the characteristics of each player and place it where it can perform. It perfectly analyzes the regularities of each team and what it needs to be a strong team. It is not by chance that he has surrendered in all the places where he has gone because he usually administers the right medicine, with the right dose, to each patient. Without egos, without protagonisms, relativizing everything that happens around them.

Ruby he is more involved and has virtually any detail of the game. It will give you all the variables, all the aspects of each rival player, what are the chances of each thing happening and when and how they will happen. And the best of all is that it usually hits. He is a tireless worker who has had to work for real. Chopping stone. Anything that is going to happen, probably, he has analyzed it beforehand and it will not take him by surprise. He has less experience in the elite than Ernesto but has a spectacular growth potential because he is extremely happy doing what he does and, at that, there is nothing to break him down.

Valverde's pragmatism against Rubi's empiricism. Both like to be protagonists with the ball, press up and that their teams have their own stamp according to what they have in hand. They do not play at being magicians because they know that football, after all, belongs to soccer players. However, they assume their responsibility as maximum responsible and, despite the wear and tear that this work "degenerates" in them, they remain normal people. Hopefully for a long time. Both have gone through Barça and Spanish, both know what a derby is and, despite what happens and the final result, they will shake hands without any problem. And that is always appreciated.

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