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Espanyol - Barcelona: Luis Suárez, forward of the first battalion | sports

Espanyol - Barcelona: Luis Suárez, forward of the first battalion | sports

Tell your friends that there are those who prefer not to play anything against him, lest they win. As to Trick, a card game that he shares among others with Messi -although they still discuss the rules because they are not identical in Argentina and Uruguay- and with which he grabs morrocotudos anger if he loses. "It gets bad because, as they say, he does not like to lose or to the cards", expresses who knows him well. "But it is like this Luis Suárez, a born competitor, a player that you always want to have on your side for what he gives and spreads ", reveals a veteran of Barça's locker room. And that's how he puts it in the field, especially when they play games of great significance, like the classic against Madrid - which made him a hat-trick in his last match - and the derby against Espanyol, which challenges him tonight. "We are monitoring him, but we think he will play and do well. But yes, when you play two games in a row with intensity you have to look at it a bit, "he said. Ernesto Valverde about the striker, whose right knee is punished. "But nothing that prevents him from playing," clarify from the player's surroundings.

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From Uruguay explain that to understand Suarez and his Uruguayan character must be seen against Atlético. In those duels is measured with your friend and fellow selection Diego Godín, with which he shared equipment in National and with which he always ends up being pummeled. An example was given in 2015, when they embraced and sent compliments before the duel to move to the nudges, insults and all kinds of tricks to destabilize the rival, fight paid because the defender requested a card for the striker because he understood that he was simulating the blows . "Luis is the example of the Uruguayan soccer player, a country that is a miracle of football because every year he exports dozens of players top. Most are defenses, but he, as striker, also distills that Uruguayan claw, "analyzed from the offices of the sports city azulgrana. And, from the Camp Nou, they add: "Luis Suárez is what you see. It has no secrets, it does not deceive you. It may not have a great shot or a great dribble, which is not the fastest or the most skillful. But there are very few who can match him in mental strength because he faces and overcomes any challenge as he did in Nacional, Groningen, Ajax, Liverpool and Barça"

Although it is at odds with the goal in the Champions League, since it counts two goals in the last 22 games, in LaLiga it is a cyclone, even though the story tells that at the beginning of the course it must regain its cachet because it is difficult to define it. In the first course he scored 393 minutes without scoring, in the third he reached 478 and in this he reached 631, a streak that broke against Sevilla, then leader and therefore a clash of the greats, one of their own. Put one, put all because it already adds nine goals, two goals from Pichichi (Stuani), one of Aspas and with the same as his buddy Messi. "Live by and for the goal. Even in training does not stay quiet until he marks his, "they tell from the locker room. Jorge Valdano explains it In his way: "Suarez has a game pattern based on faith, which makes him a vehement, determined player and above all resistant to frustration. For him, in any game, there is only one important play: the next one ".

It happens, however, that drag from the previous course some discomfort in the right knee because it has worn cartilage. "I'm great, now I have no pain," the footballer said a couple of days ago to a good friend. What does not remove that there is the problem, which finally has been aware of the striker. "I did not want to stop because it gains sensations with the minutes on the field", they count from the offices of Barcelona; "His philosophy was to play everything and as he accumulated minutes he knew he would get more goals. It's like a hunter but in the area, because the one that goes hunting does not do it in 10 minutes, but it is, is and is ". And they intervene from the sports city: "But he has realized that he also needed to stop to improve". That's why he has already made two stops with the matches of the national team, and since Barça hissed that, given the good result of treatment with stem cells, it is likely to stop after the derby against Espanyol to return after Christmas . "With that, it will be perfect," they say. But for the match against Espanyol, as always, will be in the first battalion.

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