Fri. Mar 22nd, 2019

Espanyol B is reconciled with Dani Jarque

El Espanyol B se reconcilia con la Dani Jarque

One is used to seeing the Espanyol B treat the ball with pause and tranquility. Find the hole after long possessions. The control of the game, or at least the ball, they usually have. However, only with the eleven chosen to face the visit of the Badalona, David Gallego it promised a different face: much more claw, speed, work and verticality. With the hope of breaking the streak of five games in a row without winning in the sports city Dani Jarque and finding the opponent's goal more easily.

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Manchón, the undisputed holder, was low. That generated doubts about who would occupy the middle of Espanyol field. Gallego has the habit of rotating and also the luck of having some Swiss Army knife players, like Russet Y Soria. The first usually acts as a forward; the second, from the side. This afternoon they have positioned themselves ahead of the pivot and brain of the team, Pol Lozano.

Campuzano was reunited with the goal after being signaled by Gallego the last day

Hence, the first part has been a constant come and go, a give and take of those of all life. Both teams have had their chances. None too clear. More will than football. More coercion than interaction. In one of those plays of a thousand rebounds, centers and inaccuracies, a battered shot from the side Víctor Gómez he has taken advantage of it Campuzano to impale the ball in the captain's goal Morales (who by the way, is coach of goalkeepers in football base perico). The clock marked the minute 44 and already in the later play the players have lined the changing rooms to the rhythm of Last Nite. It should be remembered that the last day against Valencia the author of the goal was replaced before the break by a deranged David Gallego.

The second part was not going to be less than the first: another string of errors, puntuations that turn into passes and the midfield that looked like a track of crash cars. A loss of Nil, already seated on the left side, has propitiated the first dangerous approach of Badalona. Shortly after Campuzano finalized a good against with a timid center. Touching the 60 ' Robusté has been about to plug a Chilean adjusted to the club to match the game. Badalona hurt with set pieces but could not reach the goal Edu Frías.

The most elaborate play of the game has finished in the second so much parrot

Something elaborated had to give this game in which the criterion shone by its absence. In the 68 'the Espanyol has been rediscovered and has known to have the patience to turn a counter frustrated by the right wing of Víctor Gómez and Doncel in a triangulation that has ended up breaking Soria with a center on the left bank of the small area that has topped Moha to goal From that moment the Badalona has been deconfigured and the blanquiazules have taken advantage of it to counterattack, in two of them first Víctor Gómez and then Campuzano have been close to sentencing the match from the front.

The hyperactivity has been brilliant and after a few minutes the game has returned to the prevailing dynamic. Only a distant shot from Pol Lozano in the last moments of the match could have changed the result. With a perruno football and less showy than the usual Espanyol B has been able to win, not without difficulties, but with forcefulness in the sports city Dani Jarque after five games.

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