Espadas highlights before the federal PSOE that the change of candidate in Andalusia “is a smart decision”

Juan Espadas has been a member of the Federal Committee of the PSOE since 1997, but this Saturday he appeared for the first time as a socialist candidate to the Board, and he did so after the Secretary General and President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, offered him “support enthusiastic “of the whole party to recover the Andalusian Executive. Something to which Espadas has committed himself several times during his speech, in which he stressed that the change of candidate in Andalusia was “necessary” and that is why the relief agreed by the militancy “is a smart decision.”

Susana Díaz assumes the roadmap of Espadas and Ferraz to accept her secondary role in the PSOE-A

Susana Díaz assumes the roadmap of Espadas and Ferraz to accept her secondary role in the PSOE-A

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A militancy, by the way, that for the first time in Andalusian democratic history has participated in primaries to elect the socialist candidate to the Junta, which in its opinion makes it have “the greatest force that a candidate has ever had” . But the key factor, he reiterated, is that of change, to which he has joined that of “courage and making ambitious decisions.”

Reciprocal support Sánchez-Espadas

The Federal Committee held this Saturday in Madrid began with the analysis of the situation of Pedro Sánchez, who closed his speech by acknowledging and thanking Susana Díaz’s work without causing applause from the large audience. He then presented the candidate for the Junta as the first example of the changes that have begun to be made to “put a face to a new landscape, to the new PSOE, to the PSOE of this decade,” an introduction to which Espadas will He has replied, assuring him that “you will have the PSOE of Andalusia behind and supporting the policies of the Government.”

The idea of ​​change has been one of the axes of the speech of the mayor of Seville, for which he has seized on a quote from Einstein that he knew this Friday: “The measure of intelligence is to change when necessary.” “Continuity or a comfortable or conservative position does not guarantee us success in the future, especially when the trust of citizens is lost at a certain moment”, which is what happened with Susana Díaz in 2018 when she failed to revalidate the Government Andalusian.

That is why he has insisted that the change was necessary for the PSOE to return to the Board. “We have a space of opportunity to recover the Government,” he insisted, something that guarantees that he will do an opposition “useful, constructive and with a sense of the State”, in his opinion “just the opposite that Pablo Casado does with the Government from Spain”.


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