Escudero stresses that cases of dengue are "absolutely resolved"

Escudero stresses that cases of dengue are "absolutely resolved"

The Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, today sent "a message of tranquility" before the two cases of dengue in Spain, and stressed that those affected "have already been discharged" so that episode is "absolutely resolved "

This is what the counselor said after participating in the event for Mental Health Day, held today at the Dr. Rodríguez Lafora Psychiatric Hospital, where he praised the "coordination" that has existed with the Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities involved. once the two cases were detected.

Escudero has insisted that this event "has been carried out with absolute normality", and has emphasized that "in any case, it is an absolutely resolved fact".

Of those affected, two reside in Murcia and another, a woman whose results are still awaited, in the Community of Madrid.

The National Center of Microbiology of the Institute of Health Carlos III confirmed the past day 4 two cases of infection by dengue virus in adults living in Spain who had not traveled to risk areas.


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