October 20, 2020

Escrivá says they continue to discuss the loss of parents in charge of children in quarantine




The Minister of Inclusion and Social Security, Jose Luis Escrivá, has indicated this Tuesday that they have “given time” to assess whether the parents of children who, without being positive, have to be quarantined because they have been in contact with someone infected, they may have a sick leave.

“We have opened a dialogue to gather with social agents what is the best way and we have taken time to evaluate the situation after the opening of the schools and that is what we are working on”, Escrivá pointed out.

The Government had announced that regulatory changes were being studied so that the benefits for temporary disability due to professional contingencies would cover parents who must care for their children in quarantine.

Different groups have insisted to the Government on the need to protect parents who have to take care of their children who, even if they are not infected, are sent home in quarantine with a benefit or paid leave.

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