Escrivá says that the dismissal of women due to painful rules is still "under discussion" within the Government

The Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, has indicated this Thursday that the three-day sick leave for women due to painful menstruation, which is included in the new abortion law that the Ministry of Equality of Irene Montero has prepared, is still "under discussion" in the Government, reports the Europa Press agency.

José Luis Escrivá, who has participated in the EFPA Congress, has assured that the Executive is working "internally" on said law, which is still "in the process of internal work in the collegiate bodies of the Government". Escrivá's statements are significant since Social Security is the one that has the powers to recognize sick leave.

The minister stated that the Government intends to "harmonize" two elements aimed at improving the situation of women. On the one hand, to improve their social protection and, on the other, to promote their participation in the labor market in “better conditions”.

“We are working on that, but it is still in the internal process of discussion in the Government”, the minister has indicated, which makes it questionable whether the measure can go ahead as it is at the moment in the draft of the Equality norm.

Rise in pensions with the CPI

The minister has once again defended updating pensions with the CPI in the current context of high inflation. Escrivá has maintained that the pension reform, which includes this annual increase mechanism agreed with the social agents and which received the support of the political majority in Parliament, is "very long-term" and that it cannot be modified due to a situation of inflation “transient”.

“It is not under discussion nor does it put the sustainability of the pension system at risk”, the minister stated.

Finally, regarding the breakdown of the negotiations of the social agents on the rise in wages, José Luis Escrivá has insisted that this issue must be left in the hands of employers and unions, although he has added that there are "sectoral considerations" that must determine the growth limit of wages in each of the sectors.

“We have to leave the social agents, it is their area of ​​discussion and I don't think that from the Government we have to have particular positions”, he pointed out.

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