Escrivá saves one of the last obstacles to carry out the law on public pension funds

The law of public pension funds and collective pension plans of Minister José Luis Escrivá manages to save the penultimate hurdle to be approved. The Work, Social Security and Migration Commission of the Congress of Deputies has given the green light this Thursday, after a chaotic vote, to the opinion of the report of the paper on the bill. The text has gone ahead thanks to the support of United We Can, something that has been in doubt until the end and for what the Executive was negotiating in recent weeks with PP and Citizens. It has also been endorsed by the 'yes' of other political forces associated with the Executive (PNV and PRC) and the abstention of other partners such as EH Bildu, with whom the Government has agreed a 15% increase in non-contributory pensions until the end of the year.

Escrivá trusts the success of the public pension fund to convince the self-employed and officials

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The vote on the opinion had 19 votes in favor (PSOE, United We Can, PNV and PRC), 12 votes against (PP, Ciudadanos, Compromís and ERC) and 6 abstentions (Vox and EH Bildu).

Thus, the bill that tries to promote employment pension plans (collective for workers), as well as regulate the new public pension funds, is on its way to the Plenary Session of Congress, where it will be put to a vote by the political groups.

The support at the end comes from partners of the Government

The political support to save this parliamentary process has been in doubt until this Thursday. Also from United We Can, a member of the government coalition. For this reason, the PSOE and the Ministry of José Luis Escrivá were negotiating in recent weeks with the PP and Ciudadanos. The orange party came to announce an agreement to carry out the law with the rights, last week.

But what happened this Thursday was not like that. It gave a clue to this that the Government has closed an agreement with EH Bildu in the morning so that all non-contributory pensions, those of widowhood, orphanhood or disability, see their monthly amounts increased by 15% until December 31, 2022 In exchange for the measure, the Executive was guaranteed that the Basque independence fighters would abstain in the vote this afternoon.

The vote on the amendments has finally revealed parliamentary support, supported by the various forces of the investiture. The vote has been marked by continuous confusion among the political groups, who did not know on many occasions what they were voting for or what amendments had been compromised or not by the different political forces (including themselves).

The president of the Commission, Antón Gómez-Reino, has explained to the groups that they can present particular votes to rectify some of the supports for amendments or on issues that they would like to correct, with a view to the vote on the bill in plenary, which is expected next week.

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