Escrivá charges workers the allowances of the commission of the public pension fund

Workers who subscribe to one of the new employment pension plans that the Government has approved under the umbrella of the reform will have to bear more costs apart from the usual ones for the management and deposit of savings. According to the regulation on the operation of the public fund that the Executive is finalizing to finish activating the new savings instrument for the beginning of next year or even by the end of this year, as promised with Brussels. In addition to the detail of this regulation that this medium advanced on the remuneration that the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration will set for the 13 members of the Fund's Special Control Commission, made up of members appointed by businessmen, unions and the Administration, the text it also collects a surcharge that will be financed with the money properly deposited in the plans. According to the draft of the draft regulation royal decree for the promotion of employment pension plans to which ABC has had access, «the expenses derived from the exercise of the functions of the Special Control Commission will be passed on to the pension funds of open public promotion in proportion to their assets. As the lawyer at Mercer and member of Ocopen, Antonio Méndez Baiges, explains, these expenses would be those generated by the activity of the members of the commission in the exercise of their functions. Both transportation costs of members who must travel to meetings could be included here, which will be monthly at least in order to evaluate the balance sheets and income statements of public pension funds. In addition, they must meet quarterly to vote on the investment strategy and once a year to approve the annual accounts of the funds. Related News standard Yes Tension in the Government due to the Brussels examination of the pension reform Bruno Pérez The 'men in black' land in Madrid with half a reform still in the air and without progress in reducing spending Other expenses that could also be included they are the diets, for example of food, of the members of the commission. Of course, the Special Control Commission must account for its expenses every six months to the Promotion and Monitoring Commission, the highest-ranking and government representative Commission, "expressly differentiating those derived from the outsourcing of functions or the hiring of service providers external services", underlines the draft text.

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