Escrivá asks for consensus to raise pension with IPC as a guarantee of inclusion

The new Minister of Social Security, Inclusion and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, has appealed to the consensus in the Toledo Pact, which turns 25, so that pensions are always updated with the IPC and are a guarantee of inclusion of the most disadvantaged groups .

During his first intervention at the Plenary Session of Congress as head of Social Security to defend the validation of the Decree Law that updates pensions by 0.9% in 2020, Escrivá has made it clear that "guaranteeing the purchasing power of pensioners is an absolute priority" of his ministry.

He recalled that this decree law will benefit 11 million pensioners and has alluded to the name of his Ministry, "inclusion", pointing out that "it is not accidental", since during his term he will carry out policies to include in economic growth to the most disadvantaged groups.

"It is not only updating according to the CPI (consumer price index), this is only a step prior to the future challenges facing the pension system and we are determined to strengthen the solvency of the system, but giving certainty to pensioners and workers, "he said.

Escrivá recalled the wording of point number 11 of the Toledo Pact, created in 1995, which refers to the maintenance of pensions and their revaluation according to the cost of living, and has asked all political parties to reach the consensus of the past to Give certainty to the system.

"I hope to take a step in the same direction," he said, while noting that the wording of the master lines in 1995 was not easy but "everyone left behind their particular interests."

Escrivá has reiterated that the unanimous consensus of the Toledo Pact must be recovered so that uncertainty "stops flying over the pension system", and has committed itself to strive to achieve it.

"The pension system is solid and we cannot have the lack of agreement cast doubt on that solidity," he insisted, while pointing out that pensions are the guarantee of inclusive growth.


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