Escrivá anticipates an acceleration in the fall of workers at ERTE with 50,000 fewer until mid-November

Great decrease in workers in ERTE with the application of the last extension of the files due to the pandemic. In the absence of definitive data, those managed by Social Security point out that in the first two weeks of November the number of people in ERTE fell sharply, with some 50,100 fewer. Thus, the total number of workers in these tools stands at about 140,500, the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, reported this Wednesday.

Who provides training to workers, who pays for it and other keys about the new ERTE model

Who provides training to workers, who pays for it and other keys about the new ERTE model

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In the already usual press conference of the minister in the middle of the month, Escrivá has given an account of the current situation of the ERTE, but also of his employment forecasts for the month. Social Security estimates that November will see another “vigorous” month in job creation, with some 42,000 more affiliated workers on average (90,000 in seasonally adjusted terms, which are the ones that give the most value to Social Security).

José Luis Escrivá has warned that the ERTE figures still have to be taken with some “caution”, since November is the first month in which the new ERTE system agreed with the unions and employers is applied and the system is adapting even to this last extension. This required companies to re-register their ERTE application, if they continue to need it, and they opted for enhance training in this last extension of the files due to the pandemic.

Due to this adjustment, Escrivá has pointed out that possibly the most reliable data on ERTE will be available “in December”.

A bigger drop than in the past months

However, the minister has shelled the provisional figures that the Social Security handles. The decrease of 50,100 people in ERTE in the first 15 days of November represents a reduction of 26% of people in ERTE. Escrivá stressed that the decline this fortnight is surely the largest in the start of a month for “a long time.”

In October the reduction of workers in ERTE was 48,512 people, higher than the fall registered in September, of 32,960 people. While waiting for the final figures and to see how companies behave in the remainder of the month, everything indicates that the decrease in workers in this tool in November will be more intense.

Of the 140,500 people in ERTE, approximately one in three is only on file part-time, so they work part of their day. Specifically, around 47,600, Minister Escrivá has informed. The remaining, about 92,900 people, have their contracts suspended in ERTE for their entire working day.


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