Escrivá accuses the Ayuso government of using the IMV to “save” money against poverty in Madrid

The Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, toughens the tone against the Government of the Community of Madrid on account of the dining room scholarships for low-income children. The Executive of Isabel Díaz Ayuso excludes schoolchildren from families in poverty who receive the minimum vital income (IMV) from this aid, a situation that the Madrid counselor Enrique Ossorio justified because the central government had not provided them with data requested for some time. “months”. Minister Escrivá has denied this fact, “a spurious argument” to “save food aid for the most vulnerable children,” he said at a press conference in Valencia on Thursday.

This is how the Autonomies respond to the minimum vital income: from families with suspended aid in Madrid to the increase in the minimum income of the Balearic Islands

This is how the Autonomies respond to the minimum vital income: from families with suspended aid in Madrid to the increase in the minimum income of the Balearic Islands

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The discussion between both political leaders, from the central and regional governments, has taken place these days on Twitter. After the argument made by the Madrid counselor in his profile on this social network, José Luis Escrivá replied that it was an “exculpatory hoax” since the Ministry sends weekly information on the beneficiaries of the IMV to all the Communities.

After several tweets in which Minister Escrivá demanded “apologies” from the Madrid counselor, Enrique Ossorio pointed out that the Community was demanding specific data on the income of the minor beneficiaries of the minimum state income and on the minors who received the IMV without first received the minimum income against poverty in the Community of Madrid (RMI), something that the Ministry of Social Security had not provided, according to the politician.

Escrivá again denied the explanations of the Madrid government spokesperson on social networks, as he recalled that there are several communication channels available to find out information about the beneficiaries of the IMV. In addition, the person in charge of the Social Security assured that there are data on income that the Madrid administration must require from families for a matter of “data protection”.

Use the IMV to “save, save, save”

Minister Escrivá has taken a further step this Thursday in the public battle in this regard and has directly accused the Community of Madrid of using the minimum vital state income to “save” money, resources that the Community previously allocated to the fight against poverty by paying your regional minimum income, the RMI (minimum insertion income).

“Madrid is an Autonomous Community that from the beginning has shown very little interest in developing social protection policies complementary to the minimum vital income. Rather, they have used the existence of the IMV – unlike the Valencian Community, for example – to save, save Save yourself, “said the minister at a press conference in Valencia together with the president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig.

“It seems that in this case they also wanted to save food aid for the most vulnerable children with the spurious argument that they did not have adequate information,” he added. Escrivá recalled that the councilors of Navarra and Aragon have also stated that there are “several ways” to obtain information on the recipients of the IMV.

“The Community of Madrid has already saved 75 million euros with the introduction of the minimum vital income and it will probably reach 150 million this year. The problem of course should not be the financial resources of the Community of Madrid. The same is another” , has settled the minister.

The NGOs and expert voices in the fight against poverty celebrated the implementation of the IMV at the state level, which generates a minimum income floor throughout the state, but demanded a good adjustment of the minimum income of the Autonomous Communities so that They will apply complementary policies and the regional administrations will not stop investing against this social problem as they have done to date. At the beginning of the deployment of the IMV, very different responses have been seen between administrations, from families with suspended aid in Madrid to the increase in the benefit in the Balearic Islands.


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