February 26, 2021

Escotet is recognized as entrepreneur of the year for his entrepreneurial character

Escotet is recognized as entrepreneur of the year for his entrepreneurial character

The president of Abanca, Juan Carlos Escotet, has received the Victorian Reinoso Award for Entrepreneur of the Year, granted by the Association of Galician Entrepreneurs in Madrid (AEGAMA) for his contribution through the creation of employment, wealth and welfare in the field of entrepreneurship

The delivery of this distinction has gathered more than 250 guests at an event held in Madrid that has had the presence of Galician businessmen and personalities from other professional and institutional areas.

Escotet has explained that an entrepreneur must look in many ways at the same time, "he exercises the wide view to predict the markets, he looks towards the most immediate to assure the production, towards the sides to be interested in the activity of his competitors, inwards to Find answers to questions about the future of your projects. "

In this sense, Escotet has highlighted that entrepreneurs are people endowed with "a special energy to face the complex and considerable world of difficulties that mediate between a dream and its realization".

"We are citizens of responsibility because we have an inseparable commitment to the welfare of those who work in our organizations, and because we recognize as our own the social, cultural, legal and ethical limits for our activity," he added.

The president of Abanca has commented that this award, which this year celebrates its thirteenth edition, is a recognition that he will carry with him from now on and has indicated that he "embraces Galicia even more".

"I am very lucky because the return to the country of my parents and in which I was born has been through the wide and generous door of the Galician land, from where so many wise men and workers have left for all the continents", has qualified Escotet .

For his part, the president of AEGAME, Julio Lage, highlighted the role of the president of the financial institution to consolidate a Galician banking institution and make it a close and effective instrument of support to all Galician businessmen.

Lage has stressed that Abanca, which has more than 630 offices, is an "efficient and modern group", "has advanced by always focusing on four important values: quality of service, technological and operational innovation, responsibility and reliability".

"A long list of positions, successes, merits, knowledge and recognition endorse his capacity for work and struggle, his intelligence and talent, his courage, his capacity for innovation, his entrepreneurial character, his creativity and sense of opportunity, his decision and action, its humanity and social sense, "said Lage.

Abanca, with about 4,800 employees and a significant impact on the economic activity of the autonomous community, operates in 10 other countries in Europe and America, supporting Galician companies and the rest of Spain with interests in foreign markets.


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