Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Escape games transfer the playful to the educational and business

The escapism games, better known as "escape rooms", have passed into a new reality that takes advantage of the fun to reinforce the teamwork of the companies or to ludify the learning, as happens with the event organized this Saturday by the European Union to make citizens aware of their rights as consumers.

The Madrid Motor Market, under the shelter of the Railway Museum, has become a space with four scenarios that participants have to escape in ten minutes, but not only leave but also discover their rights.

The head of the Representation of the European Commission in Spain, Francisco Fonseca, has told Efe that from the European Union they are conducting campaigns to approach the youngest, who interact in the digital world, and have advocated escapism games to that learning be "in a playful way".

"It is more fun to learn so with a classic campaign," Fonseca considered, who has indicated that, from the game, participants will know their rights in return of defective products, truthful advertising or bank transparency.

"Do not escape your DM2" will be another educational "escape room" that will be this weekend in Madrid organized by numerous scientific societies to make visible the importance of "not escape" from type 2 diabetes so that the five million affected by that disease in Spain be aware that "you have to have it under control".

The applications of escapism games have crossed the border of playfulness to find their position in "gamification", a learning technique that moves the mechanics of games to the educational-professional field.

The "escape room" generates a pressure environment; Time runs against you, you only have one hour, and you have to decipher a hidden mystery through visual, mathematical or observational memory.

The professor of the master's degree in Educational Innovation at the Carlos III University of Madrid Telmo Zarraonandia has clarified to Efe that "learning by playing is not a novelty", but stressed that escape games have opened a "new scenario" that can be applied in Different contexts and tests that lead students not only to acquire knowledge but also to work in teams.

“They are a series of puzzles that, in many cases, are not linear, so you have to gradually crack the codes to move forward. You just can't solve the game in an hour, you have to work as a team, ”he added.

This methodology, as indicated by Zarraonandia, can be applied in learning, since a context can be constructed that allows education to include the desired knowledge, from history or literature to chemistry.

Companies have also found functionality in the "escape room" to improve their performance or teamwork among employees. Thus, over four hundred entities have already passed through the facilities of the Fox in a Box escape game company.

The account manager of Fox in a Box, Rebeca Leiva, has indicated to Efe that the purpose of escape games in companies "is not fun but to achieve a series of objectives", which can go through the improvement of communication between colleagues, to get profiles of employees or see how they interact with each other.

As in the illusion of Big Brother who sees everything, in "1984" by George Orwell, the administrators of the game, known as "game masters", observe at all times what the participants do to escape; a "breeding ground" to analyze and identify roles in the teams.

"The 'game master' tells the company what skills are required in each puzzle and is an opportunity to see people's behavior without feeling observed. It is a space where they are freer than in a conventional process," pointed out Leiva.

It is also used for the construction of equipment and the improvement of its communication, as did the Spanish National Soccer Team as part of the training led by Luis Enrique, they remember from Fox in a box.

Leiva has told Efe that the "escape room" are also being integrated into the dynamics of marketing or to enhance brands, such as the La Vaguada shopping center, which, taking advantage of the pull of these games, has organized until November 17 the "first circuit" of escape from the Community of Madrid, in which more than 50 escapism companies participate.

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