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Gerardo Ojeda, next to the Cumbre Vieja volcano. / c7

The photographer Gerardo Ojeda defines his experiences in La Palma as "the best documentary experience" of his life, both scientifically and socially, "with unforgettable details"

The photographer Gerardo Ojeda defines himself as "freaked out" by volcanoes and as soon as the Cumbre Vieja volcano erupted in La Palma
He traveled to Isla Bonita to live the experience, camera in hand.

Coinciding with the six months of the end of the eruptive process, offers a video of his under the title:
"The force of nature in three minutes", in which a review of 85 very intense days is given. Gerardo Ojeda traveled to La Palma seven times to document the different phases of the eruption. He has always been attracted to the energy of volcanoes “with their badlands, with the shapes they generate, their flows, the lava, etc. When he was three years old, the Teneguía erupted and my father told me about it. Then El Tagoror arrived in El Hierro, although it was never seen on the surface, but my passion for volcanoes made me travel to Costa Rica to see the Arenal volcano, although I was unlucky and the peak was covered by clouds and I could only hear it ", it states.

But on September 19, 2021, at 3:12 p.m., when the volcano erupted in La Palma, Gerardo Ojeda began looking for air tickets without success. He finally took a ship at 7:00 p.m. to Tenerife and on September 20 at 7:00 a.m. he embarked in Los Cristianos for Santa Cruz de La Palma.
«At eleven in the morning I was already in El Paso, next to the viewpoint that was at the first gas station. I looked at the volcano and was mesmerized», he comments.

The force of nature in three minutes

In his different trips he was seeing the metamorphosis that the area was having.
«I remember Todoque, its church and its square. A week later they were gone. There were dramatic situations, with evictions that marked me. In just ten minutes, people took the scriptures or some souvenirs; and later with the passage of time I saw different scenes with the return to their homes for those lucky ones who had not lost their residence. They came and cried, clung to its walls and fell on their knees », she recounts with emotion.

The mood of the region also made a dent.
«I saw people going through its streets, while many others swept and swept ashes, aware that this process was not going to end, but that it served as an escape». Gerardo Ojeda has a documentary archive of some 20,000 photographs and in this process he wants to thank the collaboration he had «from the volcanologist Stavros Meletlidis, from the IGN, who helped me understand the whole process and broaden my knowledge, as well as CANARIAS7 who has been the channel through which I have visualized my work».

The La Palma volcano has marked a before and after. The photographer emphasizes that
«It has been the most mediatic eruption in history, the most photographed and the most recorded on video in all history».

Gerardo Ojeda wants to prepare another video of the La Palma volcano and already has two more trips in mind, with the volcanoes as witnesses: Iceland to see the Fagradalsfjall volcano and Sicily with Etna.

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