December 2, 2020

ERTE for all Air Europa staff in April, May and June by coronarivus

The company has decided to make this drastic decision due to the “dramatic” situation that the airline is going through on the Covid-19

Air Europe today confirmed to unions that will carry out a temporary employment regulation file (ERTE) that will affect all its employees and that will continue, initially, the months of April, May and June, as reported by the Sitcpla cabin crew union.

As this organization explains, the company has been forced to take such a drastic measure by the “Dramatic” situation that the company is going through and that is getting worse due to the flight restrictions that different countries are taking due to the advance of the coronavirus.

As established by law, in the next seven days the ERTE negotiating table will be formed. After that period, and once the components of the table have been agreed, a period of 15 days of consultations will begin, in which Air Europa will communicate to the unions the data necessary to apply the measures.


Since USE-Air SectorCarlos Varas, head of the USO-Air Europa state union section, has called for “calm, within these exceptional circumstances. In negotiations, We will try to minimize the repercussions on the workers as much as possible, looking for all the possible alternatives so that in no case do they suppose job loss ”, he has stated.

The pilots union Sepla has also shown his willingness to negotiate any kind of measure that prevent the loss of jobs and the rights of pilots. In addition, it will monitor that this ERTE is applied respecting all the rights of the pilots. “We are aware of the very delicate situation that many of our companies are going through and will go through, so our negotiating spirit is unquestionable,” they declared from the Sepla Trade Union Section in Air Europe-. But we will monitor that these measures are proportional to the reality of the company’s financial situation and, of course, we will monitor so that all the rights of our pilots continue to be maintained. ”


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