March 4, 2021

Errejón sees legitimate that we can want to participate in a government with Sanchez

The spokesman for More Madrid in the Assembly, Iñigo Errejón, considers it legitimate for members of the United Podemos to participate in a hypothetical coalition government with the PSOE in the manner agreed upon in their negotiations.

This was stated by the former leader of the purple formation in the program of Spanish Television La Noche in 24 hours to questions from journalists who have warned that the government of Spain of "progressive majority" will not work if the interests of party to the generals or if the PSOE thinks that it can govern as if it had an absolute majority.

"This progressive government in Spain happens because PSOE and Podemos agree, it should not be so difficult to reach an agreement, but exchanging bids or challenges does not help," said Errejón, who believes that a progressive government is necessary for those who have endured the crisis, for the workers.

The leader of Más Madrid is not in favor of a repetition of elections since he believes that new ones will not give any party an absolute majority and understands that if there is now the possibility of making a government of progressive forces it must be conformed.

Asked if we also have to negotiate with the independence forces, Errejón said that "the absolute majority legislatures are over, they are lentils and the 350 seats are all the same to formalize agreements."

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