Errejón says that the transversality of Yolanda Díaz "sounds very good", although he sees it "premature" to decide on an alliance

The leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, has affirmed that the commitment to transversality of the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, "sounds very good" to him as it constitutes a "warm" and "familiar" air that goes "in line with how things should be done" on the left.

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However, he has clarified that he is not going to enter into "hypotheses" or "electoral speculations" about possible platforms of which "he does not know much" and that present "unknowns" that would correspond in his day to clear the Minister of Labor.

During an interview with Europa Press, Errejón has positively valued the work carried out by Díaz at the head of the Ministry, with which "it is a pleasure" to work and maintains a "good and fluid relationship", which is limited exclusively to his functions within the Executive.

Regarding the demand that the vice president made recently about the commitment to transversal policies, the deputy has admitted that he "liked" those words. Above all because they "resonated" also to the path taken by the new chilean presidentGabriel Boric, who "coming from the left" knew how to deliver a speech that took "charge of the entire Chilean people" and was successful, despite receiving criticism from the traditional left for being "too soft."

Therefore, he has considered that Díaz's message makes "a lot of sense", it goes along the lines of how things should be done and he can say that it is even "familiar" to him since it is what he has always "defended". Implicitly alluding in this way to the transversality thesis that he advocated from his time in Podemos.

What's more, it has revealed that the role of progressive forces "It is not to convince only the left"but" transcend "and" go beyond themselves ", something that applies and guides their political space in matters such as mental health or the four-day workday.

In his opinion, this is the way to "regain the initiative" and to be able to leave the extreme right "out of the game", given that the solution to people's real problems is the "antidote" with a view to "stopping dance to the music "that the" reactionaries "mark.

Errejón celebrates that Díaz is not in "electoral calculations"

From there, he has specified that he does not know the route of the platform promoted by Díaz and of which he has no data except to infer that it could lead to a hypothetical candidacy, but he celebrates that the vice president is not in "electoral calculations" and is the first Make it clear that you only think of "rule, rule and rule."

In fact, and questioned about whether he would see himself as part of a broad front, the leader of Más País has replied that it is "very premature to pronounce" on that platform impulse, on which "many unknowns" still hang.

"It is as if you are invited to a party and they do not tell you when it is, where it is and what music they play or how you have to dress. I imagine that you would wait a little longer until you can decide your position", he has illustrated in this regard to reiterate that the relationship he maintains with Díaz is one of strict management and "it is good that this is the case."

And it is that Errejón has remembered that two years remain until the end of the legislature and advises the Executive to think about "electoral speculation", now that they have become "fashionable" and before the "wave" of advance elections, a framework that It only benefits the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado.

Especially when it has "wonderful elements" to focus on transforming the country, since it has "resources" (European funds), parliamentary support "if it takes care of them" and "time" to implement progressive policies.

With these wickers, Errejón has opined that the "equation closes by itself" for the Government when it comes to exhausting the legislature. However, he has warned that "there are still duties to be done" and he has to allow himself to be "helped" by his parliamentary partners, who accompany him when he is right but "correct the course" when he is wrong.

Regarding the differences that he perceives between Díaz's work within United Podemos with respect to former vice president Pablo Iglesias, he has replied that it is not his responsibility to make assessments that correspond to other formations, beyond saying that he perceives in the Minister of Labor a will to lead "something bigger" than the current confederal space.

In his opinion, Unidos Podemos decided long ago to occupy the traditional place that IU had been occupying, which is "legitimate" and "has voters", but the best way to change the country is from a "majority speech".


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