Errejón says budget makes social justice and will mean reactivating economy

Errejón says budget makes social justice and will mean reactivating economy

Spanish deputy and training leader Podemos Iñigo Errejón said today that the draft General State Budget 2019 "is not only a measure of social justice", but also "a measure of economic reactivation."

Errejón, who participated in Santiago de Chile in an event about the role of the left in the world with a series of international deputies, defended the increase to 900 gross monthly euros stipulated in the draft Budget agreed with the Spanish Government.

"The money that is injected into families will be money that immediately goes to consumption and therefore generates employment in small and medium-sized enterprises, it is not just a measure of social justice, it is above all a measure of economic reactivation, "Errejón told the press.

"The only solid economic growth that we can have in our country is to reactivate the household economy and we have made a budget thinking of those who need it the most," added who is also a candidate for Podemos to the Presidency of the Community of Madrid for the regional elections of 2019.

Errejón said he was "optimistic" about getting sufficient parliamentary support to get the draft Budgets forward and said it is "a good budget for Spain and for the Spanish."

"The beneficiaries are going to be the majority of Spaniards who during the years of the crisis put their shoulders together and who can now say that they have a budget at their service," he said.

The deputy commented that it will also try to convince the Popular Party and Citizens to support the project, but even if they do not succeed, the budgets will go "forward".

Regarding the rejection shown by the Popular Party president, Pablo Casado, and the leader of Citizens, Albert Rivera, he said that they surely have many voters who charge the minimum wage and those who would like to be explained why they do not deserve to charge 150 euros more at the end of the month.

"I would like to ask, in a gesture of political honesty, Casado and Rivera, that I am sure they have many voters who charge the minimum wage, to explain to those voters that they do not deserve 150 euros more at the end of the month," he said. .

Regarding the fact that they are requesting support for the Budget of nationalist groups, Errejón commented that the vote of all the deputies is the same and that they do not look at labels or political training, only that they agree with the same course of the country.


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