September 27, 2020

Errejón proposes that the deputies who leave elected the 10N do not charge until there is no government

The candidate of More Country, Íñigo Errejón, has defended on Wednesday that the deputies who are elected at the polls on November 10 should not charge until a new government was formed. In this sense, Errejón has insisted that the priority as of Monday must be the unlocking, and that both the PSOE candidate, Pedro Sánchez, the United Podemos, Pablo Iglesias and himself, should meet that same day to reach That end as soon as possible.

"From Más País we propose that since the congress of Deputies is conformed, wages are frozen to ensure that we form a government," he has defended. "I am convinced that this way we would see that the calculations of the party give way to greater generosity because our country has to get out of the loop," he insisted.

Errejón has called for participation this Sunday before the new election date. The leader of Más País has assured that he understands "the tired environment, the people who feel disappointed", but that it is "fundamental" to go to vote "so that our country does not take 50 years back and to guarantee that we form a government progressive ", has affected.

The candidate of More Country has condemned the assault on a woman in a bus in Madrid and has warned that "these are the results of the hate that instigates" Vox. "These are the results of the hate that incites and instigates among Spaniards Mr. Abascal and the lords of Vox. Those who instigate hatred are actually enemies of coexistence among Spaniards," he said.

For Errejón, "an immense irresponsibility was committed by not closing the door to the lords of Vox, and that irresponsibility is now becoming a worsening of the coexistence between Spaniards." For this reason, he insisted that "we have to guarantee that this door is closed to them definitively not by giving them strides in debates, but by sending them to the opposition."

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