November 30, 2020

Errejón predicts that the sentences "will move the solution" over Catalonia

The leader of More Country, Íñigo Errejón, has predicted this Sunday that the sentences to the independentistas leaders judged by the Supreme Court "will move away the political solution" to the Catalan conflict.

Before intervening in the presentation of the candidacy of Més Barcelona for the 10N elections, headed by Juan Antonio Geraldes, Errejón did not want to assess the content of the "leaks" on the sentence, which he considered "serious."

He has warned, however, that the sentences "will take us away from the solution" and will generate an "understandable" citizen response.

"That nobody believes that humiliation, punishment and cruelty will leave no solution," warned Errejón, who said that the task of politicians will now be to seek a "scenario of agreement and coexistence."

Asked if he endorses the idea of ​​a pardon or an amnesty for the damned, Errejón has been open to "study" legal formulas that "alleviate suffering" and bring a solution closer.

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