Errejón defends Ábalos’ meeting with the vice president of Maduro and believes that he should not have hidden it

“It seems to me good and normal that representatives of the Spanish Government meet with representatives of other governments. It seems normal, and I think it is better to do it, tell it, and explain it, and that we would have saved all these days,” he said. to questions from the media before participating in the Board of Speakers of the Congress.

According to Errejón, the meeting between the minister and the ‘number two’ of Maduro must be framed within normality, and that the Government would have saved days of controversy if it had made it public. “When you are sure of what you are doing, you don’t have to hide it,” he emphasized.

However, he acknowledged that regardless of how he communicated, the right is “trying to use Venezuela again as a political battering ram in Spain.” “I think there is an attempt to use the situation in Venezuela only as a weapon of political opposition in Spain,” he added.


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