Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Errejón deduces from the judicial declaration of Cifuentes that "it is about to sink and begins to pull the blanket"

"I would not worry if they were private fights of the PP, in them I would not get involved. But it is being said by people who have held public representation and have handled money from Madrid, like Casado, who does not know its implications in Fundescam, which aspires to to govern Spain. The Popular Party has a structural problem of corruption and is called the Popular Party. It often brings out new faces saying that they come to regenerate and then end up in court, "Errejón said this morning at the gates of the Plenary Assembly of Madrid .

The regional deputy also added that so that it does not reach the Government of Spain, "agreements, a bit of sense and responsibility are needed to avoid the failure of the electoral repetition". "It is essential that everyone asks that question: Voting the same thing, is there any guarantee that the results are different? For the results to be different, you have to vote differently," he said.

At that point, the leader of Más Madrid has acknowledged that he does not know what the Spaniards will say at the polls but has recalled "the situation in Madrid, in which all former presidents are having or have had problems with Justice."

"And I think that for that there are two elements: that there is a progressive majority at the polls and that these parties have the capacity to agree. To do this, many people who are fed up in abstention must be drawn out and common sense must be put in place for there to be agreement. And for that, More Country is needed, "he said.

The new spokesperson for More Madrid in the autonomous parliament, Pablo Gómez Perpinyà, has spoken on the same issue. "Yesterday we saw former President Cifuentes circulating through the National Court after several months saying that everything was a persecution of her person, but it turns out that in the end she is imputed by Punic and it is evident that she has had to deny her previous words," he said. .

And he considers that the current regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, is "in the same situation", who has somehow been saying that everything about Avalmadrid has to do with a persecution of the left against her and her person. " For that reason, the errejonista deputy has asked him to be "reasonable" and collaborate not to follow the same path of Cifuentes because "it does not lead to good port and because the Madrid people have already passed enough shame".

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