Errejón asks not to waste time talking about "comings and goings" of the left

The candidate of More Madrid to the Community of Madrid, Íñigo Errejón, has defended this Saturday that it is "unforgivable" to waste time talking about "the comings and goings" of the parties that, he said, each time "take him further" .

This has been sustained when asked by journalists about the division of the left and a possible pact between UI and Podemos to prevent there being four progressive lists to the Community of Madrid, after the fracture that arose when Errejón decided to go to the elections with the brand of Manuela Carmena, More Madrid.

During a visit to the exhibition "Madrid, how well you resist!", Errejón has defended that it will not be the number of ballots that decides the elections of May 26 but the mobilization of the electorate.

"Abstention has the face of those who have suffered the worst during all the years of the crisis," added the candidate, who argues that if those who pay taxes, self-employed rates or support entire families with pensions vote, "the PP was looting, "these elections will be those of change.

Asked about the act in which Pablo Iglesias returned, he has advocated not wasting time in "insults", "discussions" or in talking about those who are "a tad closer or further away", since he considers that the important thing is that "Madrid unleash the burden of the extra costs of corruption and hitting the ball" and shielded public services in return.

With those who share these goals, agreements must be reached, he has defended, and underlined that during his career he has shown the will to reach agreements with "those who do not think exactly as one", which he considers not a weakness but a strength.

Before the information that alludes to a negotiation between IU and Podemos, the secretary general of the formation in the capital, exJemad Julio Rodríguez, has blamed IU for the lack of a unitary list, but, in declarations to Efe from Majadahonda, has shown willing to integrate left before or after the elections.

Sources of the candidacy of Isabel Serra point out to Efe that there is currently no schedule of meetings with Madrid on foot to unblock the situation after the bases of IU turned their back on the proposed confluence of the party 'purple'.


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