August 3, 2020

Errejón advances to the King his "will" to vote in favor of Pedro Sánchez, but demands "brave" measures

After holding a "long, fruitful and interesting conversation" with the head of state in Zarzuela, Errejón explained in Congress that his coalition wants to "accompany the next progressive government", but has insisted that, after the investiture, he starts a legislature that, in his opinion, must be "brave and determined."

"We are willing to vote in favor, but it must be confirmed, for which clear and courageous bets are demanded for social justice and ecological transition," he summarized.


Specifically, he has defended the need for progressive taxation and to introduce changes in housing policy, and above all he has reiterated his proposal to create a work table for the ecological transition where, within a year, the different actors political, economic and social can reach "a great green agreement" that is later debated in the Cortes.

"It is time to take courageous and decisive measures so that the ecological transition is a lever of development – he has proclaimed -. It is an absolute priority to take advantage of the changes that yes or yes we are going to have to make."

The More Country and Equo coalition, as well as its Valencian Compromís partner, hold open conversations with the PSOE and will send their proposals.

As for the negotiation on Catalonia, Errejón has said he does not know what is happening in the dialogue between the PSOE and ERC, although he has argued that there are conversations between the different parties and stressed that "maximalist positions do not help."

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