May 15, 2021

Erotic poetry on the phone, the sensual proposal in times of confinement

Claiming eroticism, cultivating words and channeling desire in times of confinement led a group of Colombian creatives to use the power of poetry to transmit in suggestive phone calls the “most intimate” emotions.

Through a web platform it is possible to order the dedication of an erotic poem that will be whispered in the ear by artists and reading promoters with the consent of the recipient.

This “short, sensual and personal” call is part of “Susúrrame Cochinadas”, a literary experience that explores in the middle of the isolation by the COVID-19 pandemic the “beautiful delight” of wanting and feeling wanted, according to Daniel Tapias, director General of Sala Sentidos, responsible for the initiative.


The literary repertoire, which involves about 90 poems selected by a curatorial team, is organized into three categories, according to the level of the verses to dedicate. “Amor y locura” is aimed at lovers and romantics, while “Casi Obsceno” fits with the most passionate, and “Sucia Poética” with the most daring.

“This experience cheers hearts in times of such distance,” added Tapia, who clarified that “we are not a hot line,” since a sender, a recipient and a courier participate in this exercise.

To deliver those messages that address eroticism without complexes, with the purpose of providing moments of “pleasure, love and self-esteem”, the artists who with different voices give personality to the declamations were chosen.


Gina Quintero, promoter of reading and one of the creators of the project, told Efe that the idea lasted a year in incubation and they found the opportunity to execute it in the midst of confinement with the illusion of “vindicating eroticism as that possibility of transgressing the borders and confront ourselves and our desires. ”

For her, who lends her voice in some calls, within poetry eroticism is an “isolated piece” that had lost prominence.

“They think it is closely linked to sensuality, but little to the cultivation of words,” said the graduate in social sciences, who believes that eroticism is loaded with “emotion, transgression, transcendence and humanity.”


The journey through this experience, which began three weeks ago with a rate of seven dollars and more than 3,000 visits on the page, takes off for the recipient with a “hello, I am calling you from Whisper Me Filthy; we make dedications of erotic poems by phone.”

As they believe in the “value of what is agreed”, they ask if they want to continue with the call and through the platform, they also request the full names in a purchase format, in which the customer also selects the type of relationship (friends, boyfriends, husbands, lovers, others), the category of the poem and the voice (male or female).

“98% of people have accepted the call,” said Quintero, adding that amidst the circumstances due to the pandemic, they are attending “in many dimensions due to urgency, fear and anxiety.”


The experimental artist Jhonattan Rivero is in charge of reciting with his character “Promixkua” the poems of the “Dirty Poetics” category, which can be turned into a “more daring performance game of exploration and interaction,” he said.

“If you wanted to hear what I said to myself on the pillow, the blush on your face would be the reward”, is one of the verses of the poem “Almost Obscene”, by the Colombian poet Raúl Gómez Jattin, who usually whispers.

Among these declarations, which seek to “strengthen relationships” and “closeness” at a time of little physical connection, they have made calls to recipients in Colombia, the United States, Spain and Argentina.


In response to these various verses they have found especially surprise among people on the other end of the phone, but crying, nervous laughter, catharsis and stuttering have also been heard.

“It is also a denominational issue; many do not imagine it,” said Quintero

He also stressed that this exercise is not necessarily a romantic and couple gesture; You can transcend this type of relationship to the point that you have requested self-dedications.

Among the most innovative things in this adventure –related the reading promoter– is a user who has repurchased the service with the idea of ​​making her friends happy in these difficult days due to confinement.

“She likes that the poems are in the ‘Dirty Poetics’ category, but she clarifies that they tell friends that it is an opportunity for them to smile and think of something else,” said the expert on “literary bacchanalia” and “ero-readings”.


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