Sat. Feb 29th, 2020

Ernesto Valverde’s surprising response on the favorite to win LaLiga

The former Barcelona coach has spoken for the first time after being fired

Ernesto Valverde has finally spoken after his traumatic departure from Barcelona and says that he is a bit out of everything, taking things easy: “I have put a little distance with what is happening,” says the former Barca coach, dismissed despite that his team was competing at all

“The only game I’ve seen this month has been the Athletic-Barça Cup,” he says. It was that game, in which Barcelona played well, when he fell from the Cup for a Williams goal at the last minute.

But the surprise jumps when asked about who thinks LaLiga can win: “Favorite to win the League? “Madrid is strong and very focused on the League,” says Ernesto Valverde


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