Erkoreka notes that trust positions are discontinued as named

The Basque Government spokesman, Josu Erkoreka, has referred this Wednesday to the cessation of Colonel of the Civil Guard Diego Pérez de los Cobos, who "seems to have made a report that is not to the taste of the Government" and they have stopped it, and He has indicated that "that happens with the positions of trust."

In an interview on ETB1, Erkoreka has acknowledged that "he does not know what may be behind" the government's decision because to do so "one must be closer" to the facts.

In positions of trust it happens that "one day you have confidence and the next day you do not and the minister who has appointed you ceases you in the same way that he appointed you," he said.

Erkoreka recalled that the brother of Colonel Pérez de los Cobos was president of the Constitutional Court and "at the beginning of his term" was affiliated with the PP, although he unsubscribed when "that situation became known."

Pérez de los Cobos was in charge of coordinating police action pursuant to article 155 in Catalonia, something that, in Erkoreka's opinion, "offers a profile".

Regarding the request for the prisoners' approach to Basque prisons made by the Basque Government, it has indicated that "it is not new" and in this case it is "linked" to "special public health reasons derived from the covid-19 pandemic that It has "completely" altered the habits of Basque and Spanish society with the adoption of measures that "three or four months ago were unimaginable."

This situation, "applied to the reality of the prisoners and their families" has "consequences that cannot be denied" and "it is not acceptable" that every week "so many people from different geographical points meet, share trips and then share booths , waiting rooms or controls, "he noted.


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