Erkoreka believes that it will not be possible to call the elections until the “health risk” ends

In an interview with ETB, collected by Europa Press, Erkoreka has indicated that the central government may not renounce piloting the de-escalation process, even if it is “asymmetric from a territorial point of view”, and that, therefore, it is possible “to perpetuate the state of alarm, which in each extension alters its conditions in progressive relaxation”.

“And that does not depend so much on the Basque Government as on the central government. Until there is a clear panorama, in which an election call can be made without any risk and without any danger to health, surely no one will undertake that task”, has indicated.

For this reason, he assured that “it is very difficult to anticipate such a temporary forecast.” “We are going to see what results from the next two weeks of confinement, to see what happens after the extension and, if after the next extension, the hand is opened”, he indicated, to indicate that there may be “very tempered and very attenuated. “

As he pointed out, “perhaps it would be possible” in that situation to start raising such an issue, “alluding to the call for elections.” But the first thing to do is to give priority to health, to measures that it is necessary to take to contain the pandemic and, once the pandemic is channeled, controlled and in its terms in the de-escalation process, it will be necessary to see if the calling of elections is among the activities that have priority or not, “he added. .

In any case, he recalled that this is a matter that the Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, has promised to deal with and reach consensus with the political parties of the parliamentary arch in the Basque Country. Therefore, it has considered that it is in this forum that it will have to be addressed, first of all, to agree on a time frame for a repetition of the call.


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