ERC will plant the ministers in the budget debates in the Congress: "Let's save ourselves the antics"

ERC will plant the ministers in the budget debates in the Congress: "Let's save ourselves the antics"

The position of the Catalan parties in Congress on their hypothetical support for the General State Budgets of 2019 remains unchanged. Both ERC and PDeCAT consider that there is no possibility of opening a negotiation in the Government as long as it does not change its position on the Catalan conflict and, especially, on the situation of the imprisoned politicians. With different strategies, the conclusion is the same: Pedro Sánchez does not have close to achieve the numbers to get their accounts forward.

The spokesman of ERC in the Congress, Joan Tardá, has warned Tuesday that the deputies of his group will be absent from the habitual appearances of the ministers in their respective commissions to explain the Budgets. Nor will they attend any call from the Executive to address the approval of the Budgets.

They will only rectify, Tardá insisted, if the Government urges the Prosecutor's Office to modify its position in the impending trial against Oriol Junqueras and the rest of the Catalan politicians for the independence process.

"Let's save ourselves the antics", Tardá assured before the meeting of the parliamentary spokespersons on Tuesdays. "We will not talk about Budgets, we will not go even to the appearance if the Government does not make that movement that we have claimed, urge the Prosecutor's Office to withdraw the accusations," he explained.

Tardá has positively assessed the meeting held in the prison of Lledoners Junqueras and the leader of United Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, but he recalled that Iglesias "does not present any budget." "With Iglesias and Podemos we have a very fluid relationship and we talk daily," he acknowledged.

The position of ERC is similar to that defended by the PDeCAT. His spokesman, Carles Campuzano, has also ensured that "there are no conditions of confidence to address a negotiation" on the budgets with the Government.

The heir party of Convergència, however, will attend the meetings convened. "We will sit down and explain our position to the government," he explained.

On the other hand, the spokesperson of En Comú Podem in the Congress, Lucía Martín, has trusted to obtain a sufficient majority to approve some accounts that her group, integrated in Unidos Podemos, has negotiated with the Government. "There are still contacts at different levels to get a budget that benefits the majority of Spaniards and Catalans," he said.


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