May 18, 2021

ERC will ask the European Parliament to send observers to the 1-O trial

ERC will ask the European Parliament to send observers to the 1-O trial

ERC Euro MP Jordi Solé has assured that they will ask the European Parliament to send a delegation of international observers to the trial of the independence process, although he does not trust that the petition will be accepted.

"It is likely that the answer is no, but we will ask for it," he explained at an information breakfast this Friday.

Solé has defended the need for international observers in the trial to "observe that everything is produced with guarantees" and has maintained that it does not suggest that the Supreme Court could prevent it.

This comes after Amnesty International has informed through a letter that will monitor the trial on the independence process to assess whether the conditions of a "fair" trial are met.


The MEP stressed that negotiations with Bildu and the BNG to present themselves to the European elections in coalition "are advancing rapidly" and believes that they can close an agreement in the coming days.

He pointed out that the coalition is open to "other leftist forces that defend the right to decide and a project for Europe like the one that the ERC defends", and has not closed the door to include the CUP if the anti-capitalist formation decides to present themselves to these elections.

On the other hand, it has closed the door to include former President of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont, after a few weeks ago the former president was betting on a joint candidacy with Junqueras as head of the list and he as number two.

He has argued that the candidacy of ERC is for left-wing forces that "work for a different Europe," which is why Puigdemont and the ideological space he represents are not included.

In addition, when asked why names can configure the list of ERC apart from Junqueras, Solé has refused to specify but has claimed that they will have a 'zip' list in which men and women alternate, so ERC will have "for the first time a woman MEP ".


He also referred to the obstacles that Junqueras may have to exercise his position as a member of the European Parliament if he is chosen and continues in provisional detention, since the regulations stipulate that he must collect the minutes in person before the Electoral Board in Madrid.

Solé has argued that in this case the EU should "defend the rights of all elected deputies" and their voters, so it ensures that they will ask for concrete actions.

"We want the EU to hold our eyes when we tell them that we have a MEP in a situation of deprivation of liberty in an absolutely unfair manner, that he has been chosen by the citizens and that he may not be able to act as an MEP," he warned.


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