Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

ERC warns the Government that “everything that leads to criminal solutions moves away the agreement”

ERC Y PSOE they have this Thursday the first of the contacts to talk about the investment from Pedro Sanchez. Hoping to achieve the abstention of the Republicans and Bildu, the Socialists already know what condition they will meet, the commitment to open a negotiating and dialogue table about Catalonia. But we come from months of very hard pronouncements on the independence of the acting president accompanied by decisions in the judicial field that have further upset the Catalan issue and make a new tension escalation uphill. Even so, ERC is willing to talk, but warns that “everything that leads to criminal solutions push away agreement"

This was noted by the Vice President of the Government and national coordinator of ERC, Pere Aragonès, in statements to Onda Cero. After showing that "we are worse than a year ago" as a result of Pedro Sánchez's drift against independence, he has opened up to "explore all areas", but making it clear that "if the program of the future Government is the electoral program of Cs, you cannot have ERC support. ”

The number two of the Catalan Executive referred to the announcements launched in campaign by Pedro Sánchez about Catalonia, specifically the proposals he listed in the debate to five when he promised to "bring back" Puigdemont, to typify the Criminal Code again. Call for illegal referendums and “end the sectarian use of TV3” by modifying the necessary parliamentary support to elect the administration councils of the public media.

But implicitly, the vice president had in mind the latest challenges of the Government on Catalan parliamentary resolutions that have received the TC's warning about possible criminal responsibilities. Aragonès has not wanted to enter into “specific issues” and has limited himself to warning the PSOE that “everything that leads to criminal solutions, removes the agreement” and “everything that leads to a political solution brings us closer to the agreement”. But it has frontally rejected the possibility that the socialist leader maintains the intention to punish the call for referendums because it would remove an understanding.

The vice president has insisted that the PSOE has to return to the political negotiation table from which it rose at the end of last year. In this sense, he has opined that Pedralbes' declaration is a “good starting point”, so the fundamental thing is that there is a negotiating table between governments or parties.

A year ago, the discussion was about whether there had to be a table of Spanish or Catalan parties, since the Government demanded that the dialogue be limited to the Catalan formations. But this time, the leader has not paid that at the negotiating table formed by the Generalitat and the Moncloa or the Catalan and Spanish parties. For Aragonès, “everything that serves to address the conflict between Catalonia and the State with a political solution about ERC to invest Sánchez”. And as to whether some tables or others should be set up, the leader does not veto: “We are not dogmatic; We are flexible. ”

When talking about the recipe of the independentistas to solve the Catalan question, the referendum agreed, the leader has been sympathetic when pointing out that he will not give up what he defends, the independence of Catalonia, but neither will ask for input that the other party renounces its principles. He has limited himself to claiming the need to try for a moment "empathy" and "understand the other party," something "essential."

The position contrasts with that of Bildu's leader, Arnaldo Otegi, who on Wednesday warned the Executive that the call could be saved if the limit to speak was the Constitution. In this regard, Aragonès has indicated that there are “opinions for all tastes,” so that “there are those who believe that with the current Constitution you can” start a referendum and “there are those who say no, supported by the doctrine of the TC . In any case, the Republican leader has called for a "reading of the laws in the service of finding solutions."

Asked about whether a solution would be possible that did not pass through the exercise of self-determination, Aragonès has not got wet and has limited himself to placing “that is proposed, that is put on the table and that citizens vote”, because “never There has been a proposal in detail. ”

In this sense, he has insisted that he will not give up his political project but will abide by "whatever the people of Catalonia decide." Thus, "if you decide that now is not the time, I will abide by it," he has promised, but has also asked "the other parties to be Democrats rather than defenders of their position." Ultimately, Aragonès has warned that "or has the opinion of the majority of Catalans, or (the conflict) will be chronicled", because what is clear is that this crisis "can not be resolved through taxation, the Code Criminal or judicial sentences ”such as the Supreme Court.

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