May 14, 2021

ERC wants Sánchez to clarify next week in Congress with which allies he intends to endure the legislature

“How is the Government considering the Legislature?” Is the generic question that ERC’s parliamentary spokesman, Gabriel Rufián, has registered for the head of the Executive in the control session next Wednesday and to which Europa Press had access.

Rufián already warned the president this Wednesday that “sacrificing” the ERC to make a pact with Ciudadanos and saving the fifth state of alarm derived from the coronavirus could mean “taking ahead, perhaps irretrievably, the spirit of the investiture.”

That is, the survival of the progressive bloc that allowed Sánchez to continue in the Moncloa after the general elections of last November 10 thanks, among others, to the abstention of the Catalan pro-independence from the ERC, whose abstention was decisive.


“What is this legislature about? Because it can only go about two things, with Ciudadanos it goes one way and with us it goes another,” said Rufián, stressing that the four years of legislature that Sánchez intends for this coalition government to last They will only be possible if they have the necessary bridges with ERC.

Rufián issued this warning after the government closed the previous day what is already the second pact with Ciudadanos to guarantee in this case the approval of the fifth alarm extension and which ERC rejected again.


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