ERC supports the deficit path to "put lubricant in the bearings"

ERC supports the deficit path to "put lubricant in the bearings"

The deputy of ERC Joan Tardá has said today in the Congress that his party will vote in favor of the deficit path because the option of the republican formation is "to put lubricant in the bearings", although he has specified that this position does not suppose a future vote in favor of budgets.

"Knowing where we will be in two weeks seems impossible," Tardá said in the halls of Congress, when asked about the vote of ERC to public accounts, while insisting that "Republicans want to contribute to dialogue scenarios "

Tardá has also referred to the mini-summit in Barcelona and, in an optimistic tone, has acknowledged that it can be a "long road, but we must start moving forward and see what we agree on".

The spokeswoman of EH-Bildu, Maite Beitialarrangoitia, has affirmed that her party will vote against "because nothing has changed since July, we continue with the same numbers and the same attitude of not dialoging".

The deputy of EH-Bildu reminded the Government that "if you want our support, you will have to work, support is not free" and has warned the Executive of Pedro Sánchez that if you continue in the same attitude, the position of Bildu It will be the same when the General State Budgets are voted.

By Canary Coalition, Congresswoman Ana Oramas has advanced that she will vote against the path of the deficit because "today is a ballroom dance", and "the 2,500 million excess is to pay for the breaches of the Generalitat" of Catalonia.

"And because in the last few hours, the Government of Spain has removed items from this year's budgets for the Canary Islands to give them to Catalonia," he added.

Also from the Canarian nationalists, the deputy of New Canary Islands (NC) Tomás Quevedo has pronounced on the path of deficit and has advanced his vote in favor.

"Reducing the deficit path by five tenths greatly helps the development of public policies," said the NC deputy, who stressed that "budgets are necessary and here each one will be portrayed."

Quevedo asked the PP to reflect because "what is not acceptable is the worse, the better", and also that the popular ones use their majority in the Senate to "prevent a measure that is clearly favorable".


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