ERC sees the state of law "touched death" by the case of mortgages

ERC sees the state of law "touched death" by the case of mortgages

ERC spokeswoman, Marta Vilalta, warned today about the controversy over the Supreme Court over its ruling on mortgages, that "the rule of law is touched by death" in Spain, and has asked "who really commands" and if the judges received a call from the banks.

In the press conference after the meeting of the permanent commission of ERC, its spokesperson, Marta Vilalta, has questioned "the democratic health of the Spanish State" with a judicial system "capable of transforming a transcendent sentence such as the taxes of the mortgages in a single day ".

"Who really controls the Spanish state?" Asked the Republican spokeswoman. Because "what happened with this sentence is an example of the lack of freedom of the judges, but there are many more, and the cause against the independence movement is the most flagrant of all", with "a judicial persecution of political leaders."

After remembering "totally unfortunate judicial decisions and contrary to common sense, such as the 'herd', or the ground clauses, with a great social impact, Vilalta has lamented that" the rule of law and fundamental rights are being charged " .

In his opinion, it can go so far as to have courts issue custom-made judgments, and that "banks have been able to intercede to vary" one of them.


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