July 30, 2021

ERC sees the repeal of the decree of companies a "gesture facing the gallery"

ERC sees the repeal of the decree of companies a "gesture facing the gallery"

The president of the ERC group in the Parliament, Sergi Sabrià, has considered, in statements to Efe, that the government's announcement to repeal the decree that facilitates the transfer of corporate headquarters is a mere "gesture facing the gallery" and warns that this will not cause his party to negotiate with the Executive the 2019 budgets.

The vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo, said last Thursday in Barcelona that the Executive intends to revert the royal decree law approved by Mariano Rajoy to facilitate that companies could change their headquarters immediately, only with the approval of his council of administration, without the need to submit the decision to the shareholders' meeting.

Calvo made this announcement, a measure long claimed by the Generalitat, in full negotiation of the General State Budgets for next year, which for now has only given its support We can.

For ERC, however, the repeal of the decree is an insufficient step to obtain its support to the budgets: "They are repealing the decree, very well, and what? It is not a significant movement", he said in statements to Efe Sabrià, he has remembered the "dirty game" from the economic point of view that, in his opinion, both the Government and the monarchy against Catalonia after the 1-O did.

The Republican leader has insisted that the PSOE government should "move" in terms of "self-determination" and "political prisoners" if you want to negotiate with the pro-independence next year's budgets.

"If they do not move, they can not ask for anything, they have to move, and soon," remarked Sabrià, who prefers not to set ultimatums to avoid being "conditioned" by the calendar.

The president of the ERC group in the Parlament, on the other hand, explained that his party and JxCat are working on preparing the budgets of the Generalitat for 2019, a "social and powerful" accounts, he said, with which they expect have the support of the CUP and the commons.

"We are trying to present a very powerful thing that likes CUP and commons", Sabrià explained, which has stressed, in any case, that the Government is not still holding negotiations with these two formations, but only contacts in the parliamentary sphere.


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