Sun. Mar 24th, 2019

ERC outlines an amendment to the whole to reject the processing of general budgets

ERC perfila una enmienda a la totalidad para rechazar la tramitación de los presupuestos generales

Or things change a lot or Esquerra will reject the general assumptions of the State. The party spokesperson, Marta Vilalta, has assured this Monday that his training is now much closer to presenting a amendment to the totality during the processing of accounts that allow their progression to be debated finally in Congress and decide whether they are approved or not.

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"We are in the line of presenting an amendment to the whole," the Republican has warned, while saying that ERC can not decontextualize this discussion of the process "with what is happening in Catalonia", which is a situation "of Exceptionality ", as he said that rights and freedoms are being violated and the Spanish Executive" is not providing political solutions ".

The Republicans put as conditions to give their support the end of repression and "a political response"

However, Vilalta has stressed that there must be "a radical change" on the part of the Government if they want to approve the budgets and has added, in reference to the infrastructure and economic investments that the Government of Pedro Sánchez has presented, which is not a matter of budget items, but "of rights, democracy and freedoms." In any case, the spokesperson has said that ERC is still debating whether the accounts are processed in the game, but has acknowledged that "there is a very high percentage" that the amendment to the totality is presented to the numbers that the Government. The conditions for them to follow their course? "End of repression and a political response," said Vilalta.

On the other hand, at the doors of the 1-O trial, ERC has made it clear that it understands that it is a political trial. Vilalta has asserted that the defendants' defenses will go to court with the will to accuse the State for, in their opinion, prosecuting a legal and legitimate political movement. "The aspiration is to take the state to the bench of the accused and cause a boomerang effect," said the republican while stressing that this was an option that the State already had "when the persecution began." "It will finish paying the price", it has remarked, not without first demanding the total absolution of the defendants.

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