Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

ERC issues misgivings about the optimism attributed to Pedro Sánchez

The negotiation what pilot Pedro Sánchez with Esquerra, to unlock the investment, progress properly and with prospects of success in the opinion of the socialists. The acting President of the Government considers that the agreement could even be reached in time for the investment be resolved before Christmas or, at the latest and what seems more realistic, in the middle of January. But on the way you will find potholes, as ERC He took charge this Wednesday to lower the prospects and to shake off the pressure that Republicans interpret as submitted by the leader of the PSOE when he exhibits this optimism. Esquerra says that "the agreement is still far" and claims "responsibility" to the socialists.

The president of the Government was in any case confident with the course of the negotiations, this Wednesday at the end of the NATO summit in London
. "The conversations with the different parliamentary forces are going well," he admitted. And they are going well because they are discreet. It is an essential principle to be able to come to fruition and have sufficient parliamentary support to configure the government. ”

Meetings in progress

Esquerra believes that the president tries to push to accelerate negotiations

He did not want to reveal the secret formula that is being designed to channel the “political conflict” through a mechanism for dialogue between the governments of Spain and Catalonia, and that would be activated after its investiture. Nor did he want to specify whether the agreement with ERC, if reached, could be staged with a public firm, for example in Barcelona. But he did expressly guarantee that said pact will not be secret, nor will it exceed the limits of the Constitution. The president tried to get up against the offensive deployed by the Spanish right to depend, as they denounce, the investiture and governance of Spain's independence. And also tried to dispel the fears that this perspective causes in sectors of the PSOE itself. "We have not yet reached any agreement, but I can guarantee two things: the agreement will always be within the framework of the democratic legality of the Constitution and will be public," he said.

Sanchez insisted on justifying the negotiation with ERC that the PP and Citizens disregard the governance of Spain. "The negotiations with Esquerra are aimed at achieving unlocking in the formation of government, since other political forces such as the PP and Cs have completely disregarded," he said.

Republicans value that the Moncloa no longer doubts that the dialogue should be without conditions

However, the statements of the leader of the PSOE bothered in ERC. Republicans understand that with them Sánchez tries to pressure them both to channel the pact, as well as to the contrary: "He is falsely optimistic that if he does not leave he can unload the blame in our formation." "We are not pressured by their hurries or statements like this, rather the opposite," warn ERC sources, while asking the socialists for "responsibility." Given this, the first reaction of the Republicans was to consider the suspension of Tuesday's meeting, but later reaffirmed its commitment to negotiation.

In Esquerra is still suspicious of the PSOE. Maintains no to investiture for several reasons. One of them, they argue, is that the Socialists continue to frame the negotiating table between governments demanded by those of Oriol Junqueras in the Generalitat-State bilateral commission. ERC judges that it is not a space designed to deal with issues such as the exercise of the right to self-determination or amnesty. But they celebrate, however, that the PSOE no longer questions whether it is between the two governments and not between political parties. They also value that the Moncloa no longer doubts that the dialogue should be without conditions. But there are differences in the calendar. Esquerra wants to set the meetings so that the negotiation is not eternalized. A question on which the Socialists do not yet pronounce themselves. The big obstacle is the fourth condition that ERC presented for the negotiating table: that guarantees of compliance with everything that can be agreed in that dialogue space be given.

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