ERC is “reasonably” satisfied with the agreement because a “new phase” of dialogue with the Government is opened

“A new phase where the dialogue was the one that presided over the solutions to that conflict and it seems, with the agreement, that we are closer today than yesterday”, insisted Nuet in an interview at RNE, collected by Europa Press, where he stressed that The purpose of the negotiating table is that “there is a democratic participation and that the citizens end up deciding”.

As he explained, the negotiation process “will not be done in a hotel room, but will be public and will vote for citizenship” since it is the way to “move forward”, according to the ERC deputy, towards a parliamentary democracy “and not judicial “and therefore, in which” there will be no judicial decisions in politics. “

Nuet has also pointed out that the dialogue between equals “is no special thing”, but “what really shows that the country can work” is to maintain a dialogue “between different”. From his point of view, this is how there can be a “possible future in which the blockade is removed.” “You have to take the bull by the horns and I think that the whole state will value it positively,” he added.

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