ERC, EH Bildu, BNG, Junts and the CUP call for an electrical blackout and a pan on October 8 “against the oligopoly of the electricity companies”

The main independence parties such as ERC, EH Bildu, BNG, Junts, CUP, Més per Mallorca and Més per Menorca have made this Thursday an appeal “to the Basque, Galician and Catalan citizenship” to “respond to the blackmail of the electricity companies” with ” a massive electrical blackout and a great pan on 8 October, Friday, between 22.00 and 22.30 “, before the constant increase in the price of electricity.

The price of electricity breaks another record and soars to 172 euros / MWh pending the Government's shock plan

The price of electricity breaks another record and soars to 172 euros / MWh pending the Government’s shock plan

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“We make a common front against the oligopoly of electricity companies and their threats, as well as to denounce the inaction of the Spanish Government when it comes to tackling the electricity scam in a structural way. Let’s turn off the lights and make noise so that they hear our anger. Disconnect the electrical ones “, they have sentenced, in a communiqué.

“The price of electricity at historic highs; bills rising; electricity bills getting richer, citizens getting poorer and the Spanish government allowing it. This is the summary of the great scam that is being perpetrated against citizens and what serious consequences it is having on families, SMEs or small businesses. Scam generated and allowed by governments, electricity companies and the economic interests shared by all of them, “they insist.

In the opinion of the signatories, “it was they, the parties that have governed the Spanish State, the PSOE and the PP, the PP and the PSOE, who privatized, sold and dismantled the public companies, deregulating the system and leaving it in the hands of the ‘ market. ‘Market that they themselves control and manipulate from the Boards of Directors occupied by not a few former presidents and former ministers and former ministers of both parties. All share a single objective: to enrich themselves at the cost of an essential good such as energy, “they denounce in reference to revolving doors.

“They loot the consumers”

These practices have led to the construction of “a tailor-made electricity market in which the cheapest energy is paid for at the most expensive price”, in which “electricity generation is speculated and manipulated through public goods such as water or wind “, or in which” the large oligopoly companies such as Endesa, Iberdrola or Naturgy accumulate billion-dollar annual profits, while looting consumers and plundering the producing territories, generating very negative social and environmental consequences. ”

It is, they point out, “a whole network with profits that have fallen from the sky that end up in the pockets of the shareholders of these electricity companies.” “A round business”, they remarked. “And in the face of this, the Spanish Government has only adopted temporary measures and patches to confront this scandal until it has been forced by pressure from public opinion and sovereign and progressive political forces. And when it has taken a single measure that It minimally affects the profits of large companies, they rebel, threaten and blackmail not only the Government, but all citizens who hope that their bill will be alleviated. ”

The conclusion of these independence forces is that there is “a pulse between the elites and the social and popular majorities.” “Well, we, Catalans, Basques and Galicians, today make a common front against the oligopoly of the electricity companies and its threats, as well as to denounce the inaction of the Spanish Government when it comes to facing the electricity scam in a structural way. Because our countries, the Països Catalans, Galiza and Euskal Herria, do not have the sovereignty that we also need to face the electricity scam and those responsible “, they emphasize.

“The lack of energy sovereignty is very expensive for Galicians, Catalans and Basques. It is time that in the construction of our nations, we also move towards energy sovereignty that allows us to have our own systems that break with the oligopoly imposed to build from the public fair systems that respect the essential good and right that is electricity. For all this, we will respond together to the blackmail of the electricity companies “, they conclude.


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