Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

ERC dismisses Sicus Carbonell from the Barcelona list for saying that gays are sorry

ERC echa al cantante de Sabor de Gràcia de las listas por Barcelona por declarar que los gays le dan “pena”

ERC Barcelona has announced that Sicus Carbonell, the singer and guitarist of the popular rumba band Taste of Gràcia, will not be part of the lists of the party ahead of the municipal elections next May. The reason is Carbonell's statements about homosexuals made this Monday on the municipal radio of the Catalan capital.

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The singer has said that they are "sorry" for anyone born gay because "she is a woman trapped inside the body of a man", although she added that the sexual condition is something that must be "respected" and that what does not Like is "the vice".

In the framework of a debate on homosexuality within the gypsy community on the occasion of World Gypsy Day, Carbonell has assured that among gypsies there is no problem because "above all is esteem." That yes, has recognized that within the group, most do not want to have a gay son. "There are parents who want what is natural and there are others who support the son whatever he does", he explained.

The statements have sparked a rapid controversy in social networks until ERC has announced that it ruled out placing the singer - and president of the Associació Professional d'Autors i Creadors de la Rumba Catalana - on the list of Republicans. "Neither ERC nor Ernest Maragall can accept the statements made by Sicus Carbonell. Our commitment to the rights of LGTBI people is firm and unquestionable. The decision is clear: it will not be part of our candidacy, "says the ERC tweet.

Carbonell, which was number 30 on Maragall's list, has subsequently specified, in statements to the digital Tot Barcelona, who has not intended to "offend anyone" and who was referring to the case of his nephew. In any case, he has apologized and accepted the decision of the party because, as he said, he does not want to harm the candidate.

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