Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

ERC cools the negotiation with the PSOE and plans to suspend Tuesday's meeting

The statements of this Wednesday of
Pedro Sánchez in relation to the negotiation with ERC for the investiture has bothered the Republican party
, which plans to suspend the meeting scheduled for next Tuesday.

The words of the leader of the PSOE since the NATO summit in London – in which he has transmitted a message of tranquility to those who distrust an agreement with the independentists for the investiture and affirmed that if there is a pact with ERC “it will be within the legality and will be public ”- they have been interpreted by the Republicans as a pressure and that they take the agreement for granted when it is not yet.

ERC affirms that the agreement is still far after the two meetings that have already been held, but wants to continue exploring between the parties despite the fact that "statements like those of today further away it."

”We warn at the beginning of the negotiation that the pressingERC It doesn't bother us, they better not do it. We are not pressured by their hurries or statements like this, rather the opposite. They can make us simply stay in the no as determined by our militancy, ”they say from Esquerra.

"We ask a responsible attitude of the members of the PSOE, because if the negotiations will not be suspended," the Republicans conclude.

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