Fri. Nov 22nd, 2019

ERC continues to dominate the Catalan municipal map but JxCat manages to dispute the interior

The electoral map of Catalonia of the general elections of this 10-N detects some significant trends with respect to 28-A. Though ERC keeps a good part of the Catalan territory dyed yellow, these elections have led to a slight resurgence of JxCat, which has disputed the Republicans – and in many cases, snatched – small municipalities in the interior, especially in Girona.

He winner of the elections in Catalonia It has also managed to prevail in a good majority of the 948 Catalan municipalities, which includes important places such as the Catalan capital Barcelona, Lleida or Manresa. However, the vote in the interior of the region has been this time more disputed among the independence parties when compared to the elections in April. The most significant example of this struggle for the independence vote has taken place in the symbolic square of the city of Girona, where JxCat has taken the first place from the Republicans.

The vote inside the county has been disputed this time between the independence parties

In fact, the candidacy supported by President Quim Torra and former Carles Puigdemont has also succeeded in undoing ERC in numerous small and medium municipalities in Girona, the interior of Barcelona and Lleida. In addition to the capital of Girona, the junteros have stayed with Vic and Ripoll, which the Republicans obtained in April. On the other hand, the post-convergent sector maintains its difficulties in the dispute of the independence vote with ERC in Barcelona and Tarragona.

For their part, the Socialists maintain their strength in the first belt of Barcelona – in cities such as L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Badalona, ​​Cornellà de Llobregat, Sabadell or Terrassa -, other populous cities in the Barcelona area such as Mataró and Granollers, as well as the Tarragona city and notable towns of the Tarragona coast –Salou, El Vendrell, Calafell–. They have also revalidated the first position in almost all the municipalities of the Val d'Aran.

It should also be stressed that the emergence of the CUP in generals has resulted in some local victories in small towns such as Lluçà, Farrera or Viladamat. As an anecdote, we can highlight the triumph of the PP in the town of Gimenells in Lleida, and the commons, in Fogars de la Selva. Finally, it should be noted that neither Vox nor Ciudadanos have achieved any partial victory in the municipalities.

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