May 15, 2021

ERC asks to follow the criteria of the Govern on the departure of children and says that no civil guard will fine them

The president of the ERC in the Parliament, Sergi Sabrià, has asked the citizens to heed what the Generalitat says about the way in which children should go out into the street: “I tell them to heed what the Generalitat, and that they do not suffer that they did not find any civil guard putting fines on their children, that they do not suffer. “

“The Council of Ministers, as has happened other times, is going to tow the decision of Catalonia. Catalonia decides and they are forced to decide because they cannot bear the pressure of the rest of the autonomous communities,” he said in an interview on Tuesday in Radio 4 collected by Europa Press.

Sabrià has opined that Catalonia is leading and believes that what the Government will decide on the departure of children will be similar to what the Generalitat has announced: “If we can implement it in the Catalan way, then better, because it is done from the proximity and because Spain has shown time and time again that it is not managing this crisis too well. “

The leader of the Republicans in the Parliament has argued that the Minister of Health of the Generalitat, Alba Vergés, can decide on the exits of minors and can implement measures: “And if not, this military unit comes and detains the parents. Isn’t it true? Well, let’s do it from Catalonia and do it well. “


Asked by the words of the Minister of the Presidency, Meritxell Budó, on whether an independent Catalonia would have managed the coronavirus crisis better, Sabrià has stated that it would have been managed from the proximity and with different criteria, and stressed that “this is solved with white robes and not soldiers. “

He has described as a “huge mistake” that in the government press conferences there are more uniformed than politicians and doctors, and he has valued that the Military Emergency Unit (UME) has helped to disinfect residences.

Regarding ERC’s participation in the Congress commission for reconstruction agreements, Sabrià has said that they will participate, vote and be the voice of Catalonia, but added: “Parliamentarians say that creating a commission is the best way not to solve anything. “

Asked about the so-called ‘immune passport’, Sabrià has been in favor of taking advantage of technology and putting it at the service of health, but has pointed out that there is an ethics component that “must be brought to the fore”, after which he has argued that Vergés and the President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, have not defended such different things in this regard.


Also on Torra and his criticism of the communicative management of the Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Families, Chackir El Homrani, about residences, Sabrià has stated that it is best to cooperate, not to criticize within the same government: “It is your minister, It sounded very strange to me and it sounded unfortunate to me. But he is the president, he can do what he wants, also be wrong. “

Sabrià has assured that it is normal that in a situation like this Torra he does not consider calling elections in Catalonia, and that once the crisis is over, Catalonia must decide on the reconstruction model he wants, and he has stated that the Covid-19 crisis is allowing ERC and JxCat to talk a lot, and that helps “improve positioning difficulties”.


The Republican leader in the Parlament has criticized the Supreme Court warning prison officials of the possibility that prisoners benefiting from Article 100.2 could be confined to their homes to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

He has accused the Supreme Court of threatening officials, and has criticized: “It is very clear what situation we are in, who is doing things and how he achieves his objective,” after which he regretted that this situation has not only harmed the pro-independence prisoners. .


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